Know Thy Enemy. Hire a Hacker to Enhance Your Cybersecurity


If your cybersecurity strategy isn’t up to snuff, you could be exposing your business to financial ruin. Telecoms giant TalkTalk is a testament to this. The British firm is experiencing huge fallout after confirming last week in an official statement that it had been the latest victim of a major cybersecurity hack.
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The embattled telecoms giant now faces an uncertain future with a multimillion-dollar legal payout in compensation looking likely. To make matters worse, the company will be subjected to an enquiry by the Information Commissioner’s Office into whether it breached the Data Protection Act — an offense which carries a $750,000 fine. Combined with a mass exodus of customers, cybersecurity experts estimate the breach could cost the organization up to $115 million in lost revenue and other costs.

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So if all this destruction was caused by hackers, why would you ever consider hiring one to actively attack your online network? Well, here are three things to consider.
1. Everyone’s under cyber-attack

Cybercrime is a growth industry. In 2014, the financial losses to the global economy could be as much as $575 billion, according to a report from McAfee. And it’s not just big businesses like TalkTalk that are the focus of these  Hire a Hacker devastating cyber-attacks. Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit reports that one in five small and medium businesses have been targeted in the U.S.

Having a hacker on your side could be the difference between fending of a malicious attack and falling victim to a data breach that could bankrupt your organization  hire a hacker But it’s not just any old hacker you need — you need an ethical hacker

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